Have a broken spring?

Here is a way to diagnose it.

  • Does your Overhead Opener seem like its struggling to lift the door? It may be trying really hard to lift the door with a broken spring. Disengage and do not use opener with door. You may damage the opener doing so.
  • If you have a Overhead Opener attached to the door. Disengage from it and try to raise manually. IF the door is heavy, that is one major sign that your spring may be broken.
  • Check your cables along the track. Is it loose or disconnect from the drum?
  • Look along the top of the door, find the spring. Look for any clear breaks. Sometimes they may not be visible to the eye. Try the suggestions above.
  • DO NOT OPERATE DOOR IF SPRING IS BROKEN. Injuries may occur & significant damage may happen to door and opener.

Berry Garage Door Company can fix this problem right away. Please call 360-671-5121 to get a quote today!


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