“My Door Only Closes Two Inches & Comes Up”

Have you ever had this problem? Where your garage door only closes a few inches and then goes back up. This may be a sensor issue, below are a few steps on how to fix the problem:

  • Check the lights on your infrared sensors. Both lights should be solid. If sensors are either blinking or are not both solid, then you may have a obstruction blocking your sensors.
  • There are various colors of lights you may have on your sensors. Color combos:
  • (Genie) One red & one green. The red sensor when obstructed will flash while the green stays solid.
  • (Liftmaster) Both sensor lights are green. When sensors are obstructed one of the green lights goes out completely, while the other stays solid green.
  • Clean dust or cobwebs out of the eyes, align the eyes until as straight as possible.

95% of the time your problem will be with alignment, obstruction, or just plain dirty. If these steps don’t seem to help, check the wires to the sensors to be sure they are not cracked, frayed, or broken.


If you tried all of these steps to get your door to close & still not having any luck, you can always call Berry Garage Door Company for a service repair. Call 360.671.5121 for pricing in your area.


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